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One year with MED

One year with MED

Our team celebrated one year since MED's foundation and seven years since the Medical Engineering Faculty exists with a networking event.

June 2017

Youth EU future in Medical Engineering field

Youth EU future in Medical Engineering field

Interactive seminar of 'Promoters for European Democracy' project. Initiated by the European Parliament Information Office in Romania.

May 2017

MEDCafe Workshops

MEDCafe Workshops

Workshops with relevant content for the local community: smart engineering, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, successful interviews, Erasmus+.

April-May 2017

Public Speaking & Leadership Workshop

Public Speaking & Leadership Workshop

Interactive event that addressed: conversation rules, persuasive gestures, four types of voice, the best feedback, power words. Trainer: Catalin Stoica.

April 2017

About us

In a few words...

Medical Engineering Development association (MED) is an enthusiastic organization, founded in 2016, non-governmental, non-profit, opened both for new challenges and for the latest improvements, an organization which unites ambitious youth with different background, willing to contribute and to develop.

Medical Engineering Development was founded at the initiative of a group of youths with various perspectives, common vision on the international development of technical fields with applications in the medical world.

Because we are all different, special and unique, our organization supports the integration and the development in the entrepreneurship and leadership domain of youth remarked with potential, dedication and the desire to do the things right. ‘The change’, the one that we are all seeking, will come from here, from different teens that work together, and which want to do more, want to evolve, and go beyond the barriers of discrimination.

Our vision is to motivate, promote, develop and support ideas and desire of youth that want to build and that have something to say.



Contact details:

  •   +40 752 255 466
  •   +40 747 284 506
  •   1-7 Gheorghe Polizu, 1st District, Bucharest, Romania


Medical Engineering Development (MED) is a beaker which lists skills, strength , determination , passion and boundless energy , aspirations , friendship , solidarity and all that could be more beautiful and inspiring to people. It cumulates initiative, courage, enthusiasm, perseverance, sensitivity, all found in each member/volunteer of this family and gathered in a beautiful bouquet with flavors of friendship and warmth called MED. This is where you learn from your mistakes, and the mistakes of others, we grow, grow, make friends and put into practice what we learn in college.

Camelia Păun

MED is more than a well established website, more than an exchange of business cards. MED means a permanent exchange of ideas and experiences, mutual and unconditional support. It means heat and flavor, because behind any organization, any business, any product or service we buy or we sell, are people. Finally, people make the difference, and the MED gave me the opportunity to meet people.

Antonio-David Mihai

MED believes in people who, through passion and high goals, want to change their environment, believes in people who are driven by a desire for self-improvement, believes that college should be a time of personal development at the end of which we should be proud of things we’ve done and the experiences we’ve been through. The organization has, by its very nature, the fundamental values of a free society: youth, competence, civic spirit, selflessness and sense of duty. We want to make a difference in our society through this organisation.

Cristina Chircov